Dairy Mechanical and Electrical Service

A properly functioning electrical system is integral to the day-to-day success of any dairy operation – conventional or robotic.

The in-house electricians at The Dairy Solutions Group are well-versed

in what it takes to keep any type of milking system running like it should. We know that every minute counts when you’re milking around the clock, and we’ll set you up for maximum success and minimum downtime.

Through our strategic partnerships as well as in-house expertise, we’re able to support the mechanical and electrical systems behind your milking, sanitation, herd management, heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.


  • On-going, expert service and support from the same team that installed and services your milking equipment
  • Maximum production with minimal down time due to electrical issues
  • Peace of mind knowing the electrical components of your equipment are up to date, up to code and will keep your family and animals safe

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Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been around longer than we have, we can be your resource for conventional or robotic milking, herd management, milk quality and more.