Milking Parlor Automation and Upgrades

Automatic teat spray, take-offs and sort systems are just a few of the ways we can upgrade your parlor for a big difference in your bottom line.

The Dairy Solutions Group has access to the industry’s best parlor automation solutions.

We’ve become experts at identifying the bottlenecks in a parlor milking system and know which upgrades and automations can enhance production and efficiency on your farm. 


  • Shift labor focus from repetitive tasks to strategic herd management
  • Increase overall system efficiency at a minimal cost
  • Stay in sync with other herd management solutions and tasks around the farm
  • Ongoing, expert maintenance for the life of the equipment

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Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been around longer than we have, we can be your resource for conventional or robotic milking, herd management, milk quality and more.